Solar Surface Pump

ETG Surface Pumps are most efficient and reliable solution for conditions where the suction head is limited to 7 meters. Surface pumps are of Mono Block construction with the impeller mounted directly to motor shaft.

Model 900Wp 1200Wp 1800Wp
Rated Head(mtr) 10 10 10
Discharge(M3/Hr) 12.8 22.8 25.7
Shut of Head (mtr) 12 15 15
Array Rating 900Wp 1200Wp 1800Wp
Motor Efficiency =80% =80% =80%
Ambient Temperature Range upto 50' cel

Dimension Of Solar Surface Pump


Solar Surface Pump

  • . A solar panel water pumping system essentially consists of a solar photovoltaic panel which powering a water pump through the pump controller. A solar powered water pumping system is composed several PV (photovoltaic) panels. solar cells are the building block for solar panels.
  • . The DC current is collected via the panel. This DC current is used to run the pump which pumps water whenever the sun shines and the excess water could be stored in an overhead water tank for the later usage.
  • . The Photovoltaic water pump controller regulates the output current in accordance with sunlight intensity to achieve the maximum power point tracking (MPPT), maximizing the use of solar energy
  • Preferred Solar Array

    Vmax 37v-37.15
    Voc 44.5-45.8v
    Imax 7.7A-8.63A
    Isc 8.5A-9.1A

    Specification of Solar Pump Controller

    Input PV Array 1200W-1280W
    Input Voltage (Vmp) 144-148.4V
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 172.8-183.2v
    MPPT Range (Vdc) 80V to 180VDC